SATC Reboot and Female Protagonist in the 21st Century

As a fan of the old Sex and The City show I couldn’t not discuss the new reboot. There has been talk for years about bringing the show back. In a recent Marie Claire article, they discussed the reboot, And Just Like That that is set to release on HBO. The major difference in the reboot is the absence of the character Sam played by actress Kim Cattrall. 

I am curious to see how they tackle social media movements like #MeToo and #timesup that have come after the series finale in 2004. Also, Sex and The City ended on the precipice of a shift in how we communicate as people. With the plethora of social media platforms, there are so many ways to talk to one another aside from face to face and on the phone. We are an interconnected universe that can have friendships with people from all around the world. With Carrie having a popular blog in the original show, I am curious to see how they update that in the reboot. It would be impossible not to include it, almost like its own character, in the reboot.

In the Marie Claire article it talks about how the new show will focus on three ladies in their fifties.

This limited series revival is unique because it has women–over forty–at the center of the story. This is not typical in television today. Sarah Jessica Parker and the producers have been stingy with the details. We do know Carrie’s storyline will include Mr. Bigs. Chris Noth, along with the other two leading men from the last season of Sex And The City have been confirmed to return.

Who Is the Twenty-First Century Female Protagonist?

With all the talk about Sex And the City and strong female leads who changed the portrayal of single women on the small screen, it got me thinking about leading ladies in other forms of storytelling. Contemporary fiction has modernized the woman’s experiences but not much when compared to previous centuries. I’m on the hunt for female protagonists who are atypical. Most, if not all stories, are written around a female lead who is looking for love and plan their lives around getting married and reproducing. This blog will be dedicated to the ones who don’t fit that mold.  

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