Weekend with a book: Outlawed

Anna Todd is a journalist and author of three published novels. She graduated from Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 2009. Outlawed is a western about a barren woman who is forced into a life of crime do to her husband’s family and their superstitious beliefs. This story deals with the old school of thought about barren […]

My Year In Books

I set a yearly challenge to read twenty books in 2020. That was a true challenge if you look back at my progress in March. I tend to be a slow and inconsistent reader. I don’t speed read. I have never enjoyed reading books that way; most times I didn’t remember what I had read. […]

Author’s Arc- Alyssa Cole

Alyssa Cole is a versatile novelist who writes historical, science, contemporary, and romance fiction. In September of this year, she released When No One is Watching.  It is described as Rear Window meets Get Out in 2020. The protagonist, Sydney Green is a no nonsense Black woman, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has […]

Nia Long turns 50

The beautiful Nia Long made her film debut back in 1991 as Brandi in John Singleton’s, Boyz N The Hood. Since then, she has been a force in Hollywood. Although she is loved for her predominantly Black cast romcoms like Love Jones and The Best Man, she has an impressive resume of crossover films and […]

A Whole Week in a Nutshell

I absolutely despise Monday. Monday is that coworker who ignores you all day then at the end of the day, when they see you’re in a rush to leave, all of a sudden, they want to strike a conversation. Or you’re on your way to the bathroom. Fast walking doesn’t give them the hint you […]

Promiscuous Virgin 2

Cheryl called her agent John the next morning. He didn’t answer. She was losing her patience with him the more time had passed. First, she asked him to call her with a plan of action, which he never did. Then she can’t seem to ever get him on the phone these days. She was no […]