Horror Recs for Halloween

This is the time of year when horror book and movie releases vamp up. I am not a huge fan of reading this subgenre but I do from time to time. I’m more a fan of the movies, especially parodies of the genre. I loved Scream and other movies that poke fun at the ridiculousness of it all. However, I am not the best person for recommendations. Still, I put together a list of influencers with social media accounts. This list is specific to Halloween vibes.

Better Off Red is a makeup and true crime Youtube channel. Sara retells true crime stories, that are usually pre2000s, with sarcastic and entertainment. She does a makeup look while telling the story. If you are looking for ideas, she is on the modest side when it comes to her makeup.

MarciReads is a book tuber who mostly reads Horror and thriller books. She is a good choice to get you started because she has some lesser known title as well as the infamous ones in her wrap-ups. She is great if you are looking for new authors to try out. Her reviews are too detailed, to where you feel like you’ve read the book, but she gives you enough to decide whether to pick it up.

Horrormoviestills on Instagram is a great account to enjoy simply for the aesthetics. Their posts are for those of you who like something quick and captivating. The captions are fun–pun intended. They use stills from current and old movies, including black and white films.

Horror_memes is another Instagram account that is precisely what the account name states. They are funny, creepy, and give you all the Halloween feels. You’ll get the references or want to. It also uses stills from old and newer movies, and pop culture.

This is all in good fun. Trick or treating has become something different in the last two years. For those of us who love Halloween, I wanted to give you something to stoke the scarey vibes within. Happy Halloween!

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