A Whole Week in a Nutshell

I absolutely despise Monday. Monday is that coworker who ignores you all day then at the end of the day, when they see you’re in a rush to leave, all of a sudden, they want to strike a conversation. Or you’re on your way to the bathroom. Fast walking doesn’t give them the hint you have no time for small talk. Completely oblivious to your concerns.

Tuesday is the long distant relative that you never keep in touch with. You don’t hate her; just that you never make good conversation with her because the only time you see each other is at funerals. You plan for it, and it’s not the worst encounter you’ll have, but for some reason you haven’t quite nailed it. Blame it on apathy.

Wednesday is that overly hyped blind date. You anticipate it all week long. Only to discover it’s the guy next door. The one you can’t stand who can’t take a hint. You waited all this time for what you thought would be a life changer only to discover it’s what you’ve had all this time.

Thursday is so underrated and never appreciated. It’s like a Father’s Day card. You never think all year about what he’s done for you. But then it’s Father’s Day. Let me run to the store and grab a card that says absolutely nothing about him. I don’t have the time to put thought into a present for the man who is one part of the reason I am here in the first place.

Friday is the overhyped I-phone that just came out. You know they’re going to release another one right after you find a case you like for this one. But you are all excited about this one. And why not be? You only spent rent money on it. If that’s not enough to get you excited well then, just stop waking up in the morning.

Saturday, if you’re over thirty-five, is the inner Bitch you’ve been suppressing for five days straight. She’s dying to get some attention. A reaction. Something. Ready to respond, provoked or not. Whoever gets it- deserves it.

Sunday is the mother who loves you, no matter what. After you’ve ran off your last friend, your fourth husband left you for the babysitter, and the place that would hire you has now fired you, he will always welcome you back. Confess your sins and all is forgiven. Just to start this all over again.  

Writing prompt provided by Reedsy


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