Promiscuous Virgin 2

Cheryl called her agent John the next morning. He didn’t answer. She was losing her patience with him the more time had passed. First, she asked him to call her with a plan of action, which he never did. Then she can’t seem to ever get him on the phone these days. She was no longer feeling like his priority. She got online to see if he took on new clients. Looking at his agent page, she saw he had a couple. She couldn’t believe it. Why wouldn’t he tell me? And what makes him think he can represent all of us. She called him again. Still no answer. She throws the phone across the room then screamed really loud. He was useless anyway. She starts shopping around for a new agent. She looks at the top agencies and does a run through of their agents. She can’t find a single new one. The ones available, she already met their acquaintance and let’s just say, it wasn’t good.

She called a friend of hers’ in the business. When Liz answered, she sounded out of breath, “hello”. “Yes. Liz, I need your help. I’m looking for a new agent.” “A new agent? Haven’t you been with John for only a year?” Liz quipped. “Actually, it’s been a year and a half. And frankly, that’s too long.” “Cheryl, don’t you think maybe you should stick it out with this agent instead of treating them like phone plans?” “You’re no help. And what are you doing anyway? You sound awful.” “I’m at the…”, Liz was going to say “gym,” but Cheryl had already hung up.

It was sound advice, her friend gave her. Her reputation for discarding agents like gift cards with no balances, was known around Hollywood. It got so bad, at one point, the agents joined forces to not take her as a client. Which is how she found John. He was new in the business. Didn’t even have a member’s card yet. That’s why he was naïve to the fact someone with her resume would be looking for an agent, and willing to accept one with his credentials.  But now John was just about sick of her. He planned to dump her once he made enough connections and had at least two working clients.

Cheryl’s anger grew so bad she turned the T.V. on to calm her. She always thought of T.V. as a lessor form of entertainment. Insulting T.V. actors every chance she got. Even if they were Emmy winners or on Primetime shows. “Oh, darling aren’t you cute. Nobody watches T.V. anymore,” she once said to an A lister who just confessed Cheryl was her idol. When she stopped to pay attention to Mario on Extra, she saw he was interviewing an actress she absolutely despised. In her mind, this woman was taking every part that years ago would have been offered to her. When the actress answered Mario’s question about a role she declined that she regrets, she said “Well I wouldn’t say I regret it. You know that play that Cheryl Woodlyn is doing; The Virgin Monologues, I had to turn that one down. I couldn’t believe she said yes to it. I mean, I haven’t been with as many men as her, and even I couldn’t be convincing as a virgin. That’s asking way too much of the audience.” They both chuckled. Cheryl started pulling at her hair and grunted really loud.

This is a continuation from an earlier post. You can check that one out on the Verses page.

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