Emotional baggage must now be checked in at the airport

“Thank you for traveling with Star Flights. You’ll need to have your emotional baggage checked at station 201”, the clerk said. “Thank you, mam”, Claire said as she walked in the direction of the clerk’s finger. “Hello. I’ll take those”, the employee said. She then placed each emotional baggage on the scale behind her. After weighing each item, she examined the contents. “I’m sorry but, you won’t be able to board feelings associated with ex number three. Each passenger has a limit of twenty pounds”, the attendant said. “Okay, but I have been traveling with this baggage for years”. “I understand. However, our new policy says that this baggage is a danger to you, other passengers, and employees. We can’t afford the risk”. “Claire pleaded with the attendant, “Well how about I trade my daddy issues for ex number three?”. “Mam, I’m sorry, but that’s not how this works”, she retorted. “I’m sure this baggage is no threat at all. I’ve traveled with it before”. The attendant ignored her plea. “Also, you can travel with fake friends of the 90s, but this duffle bag will have to be locked up in the front. You can have them back at the end of your trip”, she phrased like a question. “This doesn’t make sense to me. There is nothing here I haven’t traveled with before”, Claire was clearly frustrated. “Maybe that’s the problem. You can’t see the perils because you’re so used to having them with you”. “That’s absolutely ridiculous”, Claire rejected the possibility. “I’ll have to cancel the trip. May I have my bags back”? “Certainly, mam. I hope you will travel with us in the future”, the attendant said with a smile as she returned her belongings.
Writing prompt provided by Reedsy.com

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