“I have to go!” she/he said suddenly, jumping up from the table during dinner.

Her friends were a bit perplexed with her sudden exit considering they were having a great conversation. “It couldn’t have been anything we said?” Janelle asked the group. “I don’t think so”, Karli replied. “I guess she’ll be okay. Maybe we should give her a call, later on just to be safe”, Shelly suggested. “That sounds good”, Janelle said. The group continued their previous conversation.
An hour later, when Karli got home, she sent Toni a text asking if she was okay. She responded a few minutes later explaining her monthly friend came unexpectedly. She got one of those cheap pads out of the machine in the ladies’ room at the restaurant. But with all the fun they were having, it couldn’t hold her laughter, “If you know what I mean” Toni’s text read. “I had to leave if I wanted any chance of saving these designer skinny white jeans”. “OMG. I completely understand”, Karli said.

Every now and then I go on sites for some encouragement. This was a writing prompt I found on Reedsy.com

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