Dream big or go home


One thing that always gives me hope is knowing that my mind is my own. Material things can be taken away from you. But no one can take your imagination, memories, and knowledge away. I think that is why slaves were not allowed to learn how to read. Imagine what they would have done with an education. When I think of the many times I’ve moved and lost stuff along the way, I remind myself that I still have the memories. And while memories are great, dreams are even better.  What’s great about dreams is that they do not discriminate. Anyone can dream. When I dream, I dream of vivid colorful dreams that if I shared with someone, they would think I’m arrogant; which is why I don’t share them. I guard and protect them like a secret a friend told me in confidence. For me, it’s best to keep them to myself and just do. When things come together then I can say, ‘this was a dream of mine’. In the meantime, I fall in love with my dreams like a first love. I remember every dream that meant anything to me- even the ones that have yet to come true. Until they do, I “never stop dreaming”. By the way, in case you’re still not sold on dreams, they are free. You have nothing to lose.

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