Monica and Brandy tense Verzuz Battle

Verzuz Battle has become the alternative to live concert entertainment. With COVID changing the way we live our day to day lives—temporarily or permanently—we as fans have found creative ways to enjoy music during quarantine.

Verzuz Battle was started by super producers, Swizz Beatz and Timberland. The live event is hosted on their Instagram channels and streamed by Apple music. Like everything else these days, you can find it on YouTube about an hour after it goes live.

This past Monday, Verzuz hosted a battle between R&B queens, Brandy and Monica. This was a much-anticipated battle because Monica expressed opposition to the idea. After several months of going back and forth, it was announced that the battle was happening.

With over a million views, it was a success. Both ladies played their major hits and some less popular songs. Brandy played her new song Borderline, later in the battle while Monica debuted her new single Trenches featuring Lil Baby during intermission. They ended the night with the infamous The Boy Is Mine.

As a fan of both of their music, I enjoyed listening to their catalogues. The listening party, held at Tyler Perry studios in Atlanta, could be heard in the background singing along as well. Brandy did a lot of singing throughout the night while Monica’s disposition revealed the tense relationship the two ladies have with one another.

You can find a plethora of reaction videos and comments on YouTube and social media. Brandy did revisit the joint tour idea again as she mentioned it at the end of the event. It is obvious the public likes seeing these two divas together.

With the growing popularity of these battles, I see this becoming a staple in pop culture like award shows. There is much anticipation for the next battle which is said to be Snoop and DMX.       

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