Six Podcasts Every Aspiring Novelists Should Listen To

As you may know, the popularity of podcast is growing rapidly. From unknowns to established entertainers, everyone and anyone can start a podcast. If you do a lot of driving and are sick of the radio, may I suggest finding a podcast that matches your interest. Here are a few I enjoy on the subjects of writing, screenwriting, and self-publishing. 

SPA Girls Podcast: Self-Publishing Authors with hosts Cheryl Phipps, Shar Barratt, Trudi Jaye, Wendi Vella. This podcast has been running since 2015. I recommend this one for: the likeable personalities; they have established authors as guests sharing their knowledge; and they don’t waste your time with long episodes with content that is mostly superfluous.

The Rebel Author Podcast with Sacha Black is an addictive podcast to listen to if only for Sacha Black’s pottymouth. It is a fairly new one with less than fifty episodes available. I do like the interviews for all that you learn but also, she is very comfortable with herself and her guests which comes across to the listeners. 

The Manuscript Academy Podcast hosted by media professional Julie Kingsley and literary agent Jessica Sinsheimer. This one has weekly episodes with guests from related industries. Everyone including authors, editors, agents, etc. In these one on one interviews, you get a more intimate opinion on both self-published and traditionally published careers and paths to success. They also have great information on their website.

K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writers Become Authors is a podcast that no longer releases new episodes. However, the old ones are still available to listen to. Each episode focuses on a specific topic in writing. This one is strictly for those struggling with issues of how to write. Each episode is ten to fifteen minutes long making it even more appealing.

Grammy Girl Quick and Dirty Tips is hosted by Hall of Famer Mignon Fogarty. She gives, easy to understand, short lessons on grammar with the history behind common terms and sayings in each lesson as well. The episodes are usually fifteen minutes or less. She also has a great website and YouTube channel.

On The Page is a screenwriting podcast hosted by Pilar Alessandra. This one has been around since 2007. I learned about it from a screenwriter mentioning it on Twitter. The episodes are a little bit longer than my liking, however, the content and the people she interviews are worth it. She also is a great interviewer. She does not interrupt or talk over her guests. One thing that irritates me about interviewers is when the person conducting the interview, talks more than the guest for listeners to learn more about them than the person they are interviewing. She is great at asking questions and giving her guests the floor to answer. She also interviews a great mix of people from then and now, so you get a well-rounded view of the industry.

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