A Savior’s Champion Review

Have you ever read a book that you didn’t enjoy but you kept reading because you felt like if you didn’t finish it, then what you’ve read so far would have been a waste? That is my current experience with The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci. I stumbled upon her Youtube channel and kind of liked her. I went over to Amazon.com to find her books. I read some of the reviews, and though they were not that good, I sampled one because I was curious about her writing style given her personality. 

She gave you a sneak peek of a couple of chapters, which I enjoyed. So then I purchased it for $6.79. I thought that was a bit expensive; especially for a rather new author who I wouldn’t consider acclaimed. Anyway, I purchased it. I think the price really has me highly critical of the errors in this book. First, there is the dialogue. The main character is a twenty- one year old male. I like how she inserts his backstory. You understand why he entered this tournament to try to win the interest of this ruler who is coming of age, in some kind of world I’m not so sure about. However, the language she uses for him is not realistic. The way all of the characters talk- is not realistic. It does not make sense. I find myself rereading sentences and rushing through and skipping over them because I’m sick of trying to decipher what she is saying. 

Then there is the structure. It is an unnecessarily long book. It’s long because of the overuse of words and making simple conversations complicated; the author loves to talk; the editor lost interest in the mist of doing their job. This could have been a great book however, the writer rambles on and on taking forever to get anywhere. It’s like when a child colors outside the lines but uses vivid and compatible colors. 

I’m disappointed because I wanted to like this book. So far, I’m at the fifty percent mark. I’m going to keep reading to know what happens. And because I despise seeing books in my Kindle library unread or unfinished. But I do feel like because of the lack of structure, the author made what could have been an enjoyable reading experience, feel like homework I’m dreading to get to. I would not recommend this book to anyone- even if it were free. I also would not try another book from this author for a while. I think maybe in another five years she will have developed more as a writer and hopefully applied the constructive criticism to improve her writing. Judging from her Youtube channel, I think it is unlikely; she seems arrogant and likes to blame readers if they don’t like her writing.

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