The Wrong Missy is Just Right

Let me start by saying, I am a David Spade fan. I do think he is one of the funniest and most slept on comedic actors to come out of Saturday Night Live. The reviews are pretty rough for this movie though. Only thirty- three percent liked it on Rotten Tomatoes and it has a 5.8 out 10 rating on IMDb. Google users were a little more receptive to The Wrong Missy. Eighty- three percent gave it a thumbs up. This Netflix original film is about Tim, a dull bank executive, who attends a business trip with his boss and co-workers at a resort. Prior to going, he meets a beautiful “girl of his dreams” type played by Molly Sims, in a mistaken ticket swap and thinks he is inviting her on the trip. When the “wrong” Missy sits next to him on the plane, he realizes his text mix up. The wrong Missy (Lauren Lapkus) had a blind date with Tim that did not go well. With such a bad first date, it begs the question, why would he have her number saved in his phone anyway?
None the less, forgiving this brainless error, I continued watching this funny movie. It has some great comedy. Lauren Lapkus has her own Pretty Woman scene that makes you appreciate the class of a working girl so much more. Missy is relentless in her anti seductive pursuit. Completely ignoring Tim’s loathing of her.
At a certain point, the movie forgets its objective and genre. Out of nowhere, the comedy switches to a thriller. Without the audience permission I should add. There’s a scene involving Tim, his boss, and a perilous encounter with a shark. Once again, you accept the senseless moments and carry on with the movie.
It takes about an hour for the wrong “Missy” to become likable. After rubbing everyone the wrong way, she finally makes herself useful to Tim via hypnosis. Tim’s affection for her grows; even his co-workers are warming up to her, somewhat. They start to resemble a real couple; to the point he no longer misses the Missy he meant to invite on the trip. This amorous connection is short-lived. Like all romcoms, the guy does something stupid, upsetting his leading lady. She leaves then he wins her back, they live happily ever after- the end.
Based on the execution, I’m going to give credit to the writers, Kevin Barnett and Chris Pappas. The script had to be pretty good for the movie I watched. Which was directed by Tyler Spindel, who seems to be the go-to director for SNL alum. It had some of the best physical comedy you should expect from this cast. I also want to mention the musical score was decent as well. I may be the only one who pays attention to this but, Mateo Messina has nineties influence among other things, in his style which could arguably receive a supporting cast credit. There’s a remake of rapper Khia’s 2001 hit, My Neck, My Back that is kind of weird and distracting- momentarily taking you out of the movie. In case you’re still not sold on watching this movie, there’s a Vanilla Ice cameo to put the cherry on top. The nineties pop star is not bad at being himself. Here’s the preview.

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