When Tyler Perry speaks- listen

I just had to hit you with this Monday morning “Good News”. Over the weekend, I was sitting on my couch doing homework. Yes, I am a junior at Southern New Hampshire University. I like to have something on whether I’m paying attention to it or not because I don’t like a quiet room. So, I went to the YouTube channel and stumbled upon T.I.’s podcast ExpedITiously.  His guest for this episode was filmmaker, Tyler Perry. This was one of the best interviews I have seen in a while. Though I am not the biggest fan of Tyler Perry’s work, I can respect what he has done with his career. I can also say the same for T.I. who has an impressive career as well, that I am a fan of. T.I. asked Tyler about getting started in Hollywood with no money and no connections. He talked about getting financing for his first film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. After explaining how that came about, is when T.I. asked if people started to treat him with more respect after the success of that film to which he replied, “No”. Then further explained, “Stop fighting to make people understand who you are. You make the best deals when you’re underestimated.” He said he didn’t care what people thought of him because he knew what he could do. This interview took me all the way out of what I was doing. I had to give them my full attention. I was so intrigued by what Tyler had to say. Also, I must say, I was impressed with the respect T.I. showed for the profession of journalism. He took his role as interviewer seriously. He clearly did his research on Tyler Perry and asked good questions. Anyway, back to Mr. Perry. He dropped so many jewels for anyone making starter moves in the film or honestly any industry. This is an interview everyone should watch for the simple fact it will boost your confidence and motivate you.

In case you’re interested,

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